Jul 27, 2023

The LEOFF Plan 2 Board has created a video for members introducing the Benefits Ombudsman, a program designed to assist members, their families, and employers in the event of a duty-related disability or death.

Apr 12, 2023

In 2018, House Bill 2202 provided a limited time for EMTs working for a public hospital district to transfer to or join LEOFF Plan 2.

This bill enabled EMTs to participate in LEOFF Plan 2 by purchasing service credit. The five-…

Feb 28, 2023

Each year, the Office of the State Actuary calculates the LEOFF Plan 2 Cost-of-Living-Adjustments (COLA) at the request of the Department of Retirement Systems.  Here are the 2023 results:

COLAs as of July 1, 2023