ESSB 5659 - Passed out of the Senate on March 7th

March 09, 2017
Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) who provide emergency medical services for a public hospital district (PHD) will be members of LEOFF Plan 2 on a prospective basis. An EMT that is employed by a PHD is only considered a firefighter if they perform emergency medical services, such as medical treatment, at the scene of a medical emergency. Past service credit in LEOFF 2, dating back to July 24, 2005, may be purchased by paying the LEOFF 2 contributions for that service. An EMT who is providing emergency medical services for a PHD that is in PERS will have the option to either join LEOFF 2, or remain in PERS. These employees have the option to transfer their service credit, dating back to July 24th, 2005, from PERS into LEOFF 2. Complete Bill Information