2017 Retirement Seminars More Targeted for LEOFF Members

March 08, 2017
The Department of Retirement Systems, has changed the way they are conduct their retirement seminars. What this means for LEOFF Members:
  • LEOFF members are no longer included in all statewide retirement seminars.
  • The seminars that do include LEOFF are targeted in a way that is more useful for LEOFF members.
  • The facilities used for these targeted seminars are smaller, so they are no longer able to guarantee your participation - so register early!
Here is an updated list of seminars that include LEOFF and WSPRS:
King County - Sat, 9/30
Seattle - Fri, 6/16
Seattle - Sat, 6/17
Spokane - Sat, 5/20
Spokane - Sat, 5/20
Tacoma - Sat, 4/22
Tumwater - Sat, 6/24
Wenatchee - Sat, 8/12
  To register for one of these events, CLICK HERE or call 1-888-711-6676.