Legislation 2014

  Please note that only a summary of each bill is provided.  

Board Endorsed Bills

Career Change (HB 2479)

HB 2479
Clarifying that the pension of a LEOFF Plan 2 retiree who returns to work as a law enforcement officer or fire fighter will be suspended until the retiree separates from that employment, even if the position technically does not qualify for LEOFF because it is not full-time or fully compensated.

HB 2479: Referred to Senate Rules March 3.

Promoting Individual Savings for Retirement (SB 6201)

SB 6201
Authorizing the Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) to convert a member’s tax qualified retirement savings to a lifetime annuity.

SB 6201: Signed by Governor Inslee on 3/27 with an effective date 6/12/2014. Chapter 91, 2014 Laws. Effective date 6/12/2014.

Technical Correction- Definition of Fire Fighter (HB 2456)

HB 2456
Correcting a drafting oversight that unintentionally causes the definition of “fire fighter” to expire in 2023.

HB 2456: Signed by Governor Inslee on March 28, 2014. Chapter 145, 2014 Laws. Effective date 6/12/2014.

Bills of Interest

Final Average Salary Protection (HB 1820)

HB 1820
Provides that pensions from specified Washington retirement systems based on salaries earned during the 2013-15 biennium will not be reduced by compensation forgone by a member due to reduced work hours, mandatory leave without pay, temporary layoffs, or reductions to current pay if the measures are an integral part of a state or local government employer’s expenditure reduction efforts.

Failed to pass opposite house by cut-off.