How will your loved ones be taken care of if you are disabled or die in the line of duty?

It’s the call no loved one wants to get, you’ve been hurt – or worse.

Members who are disabled in the course of employment or the survivor(s) of a member killed in the line of duty often navigate through multiple entities and time-sensitive processes to obtain benefits to which they may be entitled. All this at a time when they are subject to significant emotional distress and anxiety.

Researching and applying for these benefits can be time consuming and perplexing.

Now there’s help.

What is an Ombudsman?

The LEOFF 2 Ombudsman:

  • Provides individual disability and survivor consultation to LEOFF 2 members and their dependents.
  • Answers questions relating to process, timing and what to expect.
  • Provides information to assist you in making educated decisions. Works with outside agencies to assist on behalf of members.
  • Maintains a network of federal, state, and local disability and survivor resources. Identifies organizational roadblocks running counter to constituent interests and tracks problem areas.
  • Makes recommendations for changes to policies or procedures.
  • Conducts educational presentations to employers and stakeholder groups on disability and survivor options for their employees and constituents.

Members: Do you have questions regarding disability or survivor benefits or processes?

Employers/Stakeholders: Would you like someone to come talk to your group about disability or survivor issues?