Life Insurance Offering - OPEN ENROLLMENT

July 08, 2016
From the President of NCPERS: Participating in a pension plan for public employees can be a great first step to protecting your family’s future. But, if you’re like many, your needs may not be fully met by your pension plan. That’s where the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS) Family Protection Plus can help. This voluntary Group Decreasing Term Life Insurance plan is custom designed especially for public employees like you. It offers a supplementary survivor’s benefit to augment your retirement system’s benefits to give your family extra financial security when they need it most. A valuable member benefit regardless of your age, it offers supplemental protection, including:
  • Decreasing Term Life Insurance—For you.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance—For you.
  • Dependent Term Life Insurance—For your spouse or domestic partner and all of your eligible children.
Plus, you can choose from two pricing options for all of this protection! Pay $10 a month (about 33 cents a day), or $17 a month (about 56 cents a day), depending on the amount of coverage you want. The $17 option also includes an extra feature. Learn more about it in this brochure. Our plan is issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America (Prudential)—a name you know and trust.1 Since our plan’s inception more than 40 years ago, Prudential has paid over $105 million to NCPERS members and their beneficiaries. The plan is designed to be financially sound, with plan reserves committed to maximize benefits to participants. It currently serves the needs of over 100,000 public employee retirement system members and their dependents nationwide. We’re pleased to offer you the opportunity to review your insurance needs and purchase supplemental insurance for you and your family. Don’t miss out—open enrollment August 1 - September 30, 2016! For more information, visit: