2017 Retirement Seminars More Targeted for LEOFF Members

The Department of Retirement Systems, has changed the way they are conduct their retirement seminars.

What this means for LEOFF Members:

  • LEOFF members are no longer included in all statewide retirement seminars.
  • The seminars that do include LEOFF are targeted in a way that is more useful for LEOFF members.
  • The facilities used for these targeted seminars are smaller, so they are no longer able to guarantee your participation – so register early!

Here is an updated list of seminars that include LEOFF and WSPRS:

King County – Sat, 9/30
Seattle – Fri, 6/16
Seattle – Sat, 6/17
Spokane – Sat, 5/20
Spokane – Sat, 5/20
Tacoma – Sat, 4/22
Tumwater – Sat, 6/24
Wenatchee – Sat, 8/12


To register for one of these events, CLICK HERE or call 1-888-711-6676.

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